5 Exciting and Easy Crochet Crafts for a Christmas Craft Fair

It’s blustery and cold outside, which means it’s time for holiday craft fairs and ice skating in the park! If you’re anything like me, by the time you get to the end of your show season the ideas become a little slow going. We’ll try not to even mention the flaring carpal tunnel too. To prevent the craft fair or convention fatigue that I get so frequently in November and December I’ve made a list of my top five go to items when I’m making gifts for loved ones. These patterns are simple, easy to find, sometimes free, and always make the gift recipient feel loved.

  1. Amigurumi Stuffed Loveys

    I was at my local library trying to find inspiration this holiday season and I came across the book Snuggle and Play Crochet, by Carolina Guzman Benitez. Not only is this book filled with adorble amigurumi toys, but there are also instructions to make loveys with each one. I’m partial to the fox myself. My only change is that I DO NOT use safety eyes on lovelys. They are a choking hazard for the littles who will be loving these cuddly creatures.

    Check out my Pinterest Crochet Lovey board for some additional great resources.

  2. Crochet Gift Sacks

    When in doubt, you buy a gift card! No? Just me? I’m okay with that. However, I am never content with just a card that someone will throw away, or even worse hoard. Because of this I always try to give my simplest gifts in a multipurpose gift wrap. Nothing says Merry Christmas like money with a bit of candy is a fancy drawstring pouch! Here is a link to my go to Christmas Tree Drawstring Bag. It’s free too! Winning!

    Here are some more fantastic Crochet Bags.

  3. Corner to Corner (C2C) Graph Pillows

    Let’s be honest, we’ve waited until the very last minute to prepare gifts or items to sell at the craft fair and we just don’t have time to create an entire graphgan blanket. And who wants to weave in all those ends anyway? The solution is simple, make pillows! There are so many free graphs out there and the beauty is that most are 25x25 graphs! Which, the way I crochet is the perfect size to fit a 16x16 pillow form. Sew to a fleece backing stuff with the pillow form, and voila! A beautiful gift to brighten someone’s home is born! Here is a link to Make and Do Crew’s free holiday graph collection.

    These make great items for craft fairs before Christmas, but as a gift there are so many options other than Christmas themes to choose from, check this Pinterest board to find some more ideas!

  4. Christmas Ornaments

    My children get a new ornament every Christmas. The hope is that one day I will be willing to give them up so they can put them on their very own trees to share with their very own families. But, I mean, maybe when I’m too old to put up my own tree they can have them. Maybe. I digress. This year I’m going to give my tree a crochet makeover. I know I won’t have all the time in the world to whip up a handmade tree skirt or make new stockings, but I can make small ornaments and chains to give a personal touch to our handmade tree. My kids are each getting a hot cocoa mug in a color of their choice with their names and the year on them! I found this free pattern by I’m Frayed Knot, that I can’t wait to try out! My plan is to have several made for the event next month and to offer adding names while they shop! Personalized options are always better.

  5. Fleece Blankets with Crochet Edging

    We talked about this before, but we just really don’t have time to make an entire blanket. However, most store sell completed and beautiful fleece blankets for dirt cheap. These blankets are so easy to update and make into personal gifts, that it would be a shame to let this opportunity pass you by. There are a ton of great tutorials out the on how to add crochet edgings to fleece blankets. This one by The Friendly Red Fox is my favorite. I like to but the already made blankets with the string edging already on. I stitch over the top of the pre-made edging and then remove theirs after finishing mine. It makes the hole process much easier.

Now that I have my list it is time to get crafting! What are your go to handmade gifts during the holiday season? Be sure to share you favorite patterns and gifts!