Why I Blog in a World Full of Bloggers

Since my blog is just now in the launching phase, I thought it would be the perfect time to tell you why I’m here and what I hope my future looks like. Over the past few years I’ve been experimenting with many different projects to help me feel fulfilled as a human. My full time job is being a mommy and a wife, but I learned long ago that just this wasn’t really enough to make me feel whole. I’ve tried crafting just for fun and crafting for sale, travelling to comic conventions, deep cleaning my house (it never works), and many more little things here and there along the way. Out of the numerous things I’ve tried, the thing that’s made me the happiest is being there with the people in the con community. This includes the makers, sellers, cosplayers, and general attendees. So with this blog I’m hoping to open up myself a little more, and use this a way to share my love of crafting with everyone.

While monetizing the blog would be great, it’s not really my main focus. I’m here first and foremost to share what I’ve learned and made with you. I wouldn’t be as skilled at my craft if it weren’t for all the other makers out there sharing their passions with the world as well. My voice may start small, but with regular posting and pattern making I hope to one day roar. Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I hope that what I share will be of value to you.

My why is simply so that I can grow and share. I’m building myself along with my family, my business, and my skills. Here is where that growth will be recorded. In a year or two I’ll look back at this post and see all the errors and rambling and be thankful that I started somewhere. You miss every chance you don’t take.

I’ll be seeing you,