The Brains and Beauty of Bitsy Blue Designs.

I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, that I will crochet everything!


I’m Liz, the mostly sane maker, crocheter, mompreneur, and all around saint that writes this blog. Okay, maybe not the saintly part, but the rest is pretty accurate. When I’m not busy with my three kiddos I can almost always be found practicing the age old art of making nerdy things with yarn.

This yarn journey of mine started a few years ago when I became interested in making some booties and hats for my little ones. I can’t stress to you just how much I didn’t enjoy making those little boogers (that never even fit), so much dislike that I almost didn’t keep crocheting. After a few (several) failed attempts at hats, scarves, booties and many more wearables I made a simple fox amigurumi. And the rest is history!

As Bitsy Blue Designs I attend comic conventions in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and Arkansas where I sell my handmade amigurumi pieces and my polymer clay charms and sculptures. Travelling to these events is seriously one of my favorite things in life. I get to sell my pieces, see amazing artists, and I get to see you. So make sure to check out my upcoming tab to see where I’ll be soon! If you have a show that I need to attend please send me a message with the contact tab and let me know. I am always looking for great new events to be a part of! Firefly/Serenity guests on the bill may make it more likely that I’ll be there! Gorram it, I just love them so.

I’m excited to share the things that I’m making, the places I’m visiting, and the techniques that I’m learning.