The Midoriya Project

My husband and I recently finished watching the available episodes of My Hero Academia and man, was I surprised by just how much I loved the show! We loved it so much that we went and saw the movie they had in theaters for short time. Since then I’ve been thinking about what I could make that was on the MHA theme. I searched all over the internet for inspiration and wasn’t coming up with much. That is, until I came across this picture. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the blanket once it’s completed, but I can’t wait to see it finished.

To make this chart I uploaded the image to stitchfiddle and played around with the resizing features until it was going to be around the size of a twin blanket, and then individually changed many of the blocks until I used only 7 colors, which aligned more with the original image. Then it was on to deciding just what yarn brand I was going to use! Let me tell you, it was not easy to find a single type of yarn that had just the right colors for this project. Finally after a good amount of scouring I settled on Caron One Pound yarns. It’s a yarn that I enjoy working with, and often has sales at JoAnn Craft Stores. Don’t even get me started on how much I love a sale. HA! The specific colors and tools I am using for this project are listed a column over. Grab your own supplies and make this beaut along with me!



Caron One Pound yarns in:


Soft Blue

Midnight Blue




Off White

As I go along I’ll update this with how many skeins of each I’ll need. To start I am purchasing 1 each of Claret and Lilac, and 2 of the remaining colors.

Hook sized H - 5.0mm

Yarn Needle


Yarn Bobbins




October 5, 2018

An exciting trip to JoAnn Craft store to find as many supplies as I can! I prefer going to the store to find everything I need for a project so that I can look, feel, and compare the different yarns and tools that I’ll need for each individual project! Check the gallery below to see more!